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Final Newsletters 2012


Students in Santiago, DR


As 2012 draws to a close, students and faculty from programs across the globe share and reflect upon their experiences over the past semester. Click on the hyperlinks below the programs to download the pdfs.


Download Berlin LC Final Newsletter 2012


Download Rennes Final Newsletter 2012


Download Santiago SL Final Newsletter 2012

Download Santiago LA Final Newsletter 2012


Download CNMJ Final Newsletter 2012

St. Petersburg

Download St. Petersburg Final Newsletter 2012


Download Uppsala Final Newsletter 2012


Fall 2012 Newsletters


Cnmj midterm
Communications, New Media + Journalism students on assignment in the field

Real students, real stories. From Budapest to Buenos Aires, Seville to Stellenbosch take a look inside our study abroad programs through their fall newsletters. Click on the hyperlinks below the programs to download the pdfs.


Amsterdam - Business + Culture

Download Amsterdam BC Mid-Term Newsletter 2012

Amsterdam - Social Sciences

Download Amsterdam SS Mid-Term Newsletter 2012


Download Belfast Mid-Term Newsletter 2012

Berlin - Language + Culture

Download Berlin L&C Mid-Term Newsletter 2012


Download Budapest Mid-Term Newsletter 2012

Download Budapest Newsletter ii 2012

Buenos Aires - Liberal Arts

Download Buenos Aires LA Mid-Term Newsletter 2012


Download Ferrara Mid-Term Newsletter 2012


Download Groningen Mid-Term Newsletter 2012


Download Lima Mid-Term Newsletter 2012


Download Nanjing Mid-Term Newsletter 2012

Naples - Classical Studies

Download Naples CS Mid-Term Newsletter 2012

Naples - Liberal Arts

Download Naples LA Mid-Term Newsletter 2012


Download Palma Mid-Term Newsletter 2012

Paris - Critical Studies

Download Paris Critical Studies Mid-Term Newsletter 2012

Prague - Film Studies

Download Prague FS Mid-Term Newsletter 2012


Download Rennes Mid-Term Newsletter 2012

Santiago - Liberal Arts

Download Santiago Liberal Arts Mid-Term Newsletter 2012

Santiago - Service Learning

Download Santiago SL Mid-Term Newsletter 2012

Santo Domingo - Liberal Arts

Download Santo Domingo LA Fall Newsletter 2012


Download Seoul Mid-Term Newsletter 2012

Seville - Communications, New Media + Journalism

Download CNMJ Mid-Term Newsletter 2012

St. Petersburg

Download St Petersburg Fall Newsletter 2012


Download Stellenbosch Mid-Term Newsletter 2012


Download Uppsala Mid-Term Newsletter 2012


Barcelona Architecture & Design Newsletter

Barcelona architecture

With three weeks already in the books, Barcelona's Architecture & Design program is well under way.

From internships with local, prize-winning firms, to a group studio project aimed at revitalizing an abandoned site in the multicultural neighborhood in El Raval, read more about the students participating in this fascinating program in the fall newsletter:

Download AD Newsletter Fall 2012



Announcing Spring 2013 Application Deadline Extensions

The following application deadlines have been extended to October  15:

  • Czech Republic, Prague:  All Programs
  • England, London:  School of African and Oriental Studies (SOAS)
  • Japan, Tokyo: Arts + Sciences
  • Korea, Seoul: Arts + Sciences
  • Portugal, Lisbon: Language + Culture

The following deadline will be extended to November 1:

  • Germany, Berlin: Business and Culture

Visit to learn more. 


High Ranks for Queens University

Queens University in Belfast Northern Ireland has joined the QS World University Rankings as one of best universities in the world to study history.

The university hosts the CIEE course Society, Conflict + Peace in Northern Ireland


Amsterdam Students and Staff Run For Charity


Amsterdam racers
A message from CIEE Amsterdam staff:

Dear CIEE colleagues,

Sunday the 23rd of September 2012 the very famous Dutch Dam tot Damloop will take place starting in the city centre of Amsterdam and finishing 10 English Miles up North in a town called Zaandam with 50.000 athletes. More than 200.000 spectators will encourage the runners along the run!

 Dam tot Dam Loop: CIEE team 10 tickets

 CIEE Amsterdam got hold of 10 tickets and will run the Dam tot Damloop with eight students, Hannah Huber (Resident Director) and Eric Weijers (Program Assistant) for the special charity run, and donations will go to foundation “Waar Ontwikkeling Werkt” (WOW= Where Opportunities Work).

Foundation Where Opportunities Work

 Renée Spruit, the Student Services Coordinator at CIEE, founded this foundation with five other board members almost 2 years ago to support children around the world that need better chances for development and education. Momentarily WOW supports three projects;

  • Corazon Inquieto (Bolivia): a day care facility for market children in La Paz, Bolivia.
  • Hand in Hand (Ghana): a home for mentally and physically disabled children, where amongst other things they learn how to craft jewelry.
  • Kamalabari (Nepal): a primary school for children that live in a remote area of the country.

Foundation WOW is based on four key pillars: enlarge chances for development, offer structural help, stimulate the local economy and transparency & personal. The six board members committed to WOW on a voluntary base.


Since the students and CIEE staff are running for a charity, we are hoping to collect at much money as possible; every penny is welcome! On Facebook we have created a special page where we will promote the CIEE Dam tot Dam group and where we will also keep track of the donations that we have received:!/WowDamTotDamLoop

Would you like to support this event? Hit the like button on the Facebook page or become a sponsor of the CIEE team by donating money to the banking account of Stichting Waar Ontwikkeling Werkt (with the reference of “CIEE Dam tot Damloop team”). Every time we receive a new donation we will update the Facebook with your donations.   

Bank account no:                             1095.28.115



BIC no:




More information?


Groetjes uit Amsterdam,

CIEE staff: Hannah, Renée, Annabel & Erik


Summer Session II in Palma

Palma_new arrivals
Summer session II is underway in Palma! Check out these excited new arrivals (above)

As we move into the second half of summer, here's a look back at the past few weeks.


Ready (in red) for the soccer match


A day in the lab with Mediterranean Marine Environment students.


At the Roman ruins of Alucida

Palma_la granja
Palma in the Mediterranean students on a visit to La Granja

Palma_formentorThe view from Cape Formentor

Palma_site visit

Students on a site visit with their professor.


With more fieldwork, excursions and site visits to come, here's looking forward to rest of a great summer!




In 2008, Alison Ecker a former student at the University of Oregon, took part in our Liberal Arts Program in Ferrara, Italy. In this video, Alison, who is hard of hearing, shares her unique experience studying abroad. 


CIEE is committed to helping students with disabilities participate in our programs. We work with students to determine how we can best accommodate them on the program that best fits their interests and needs. We've hosted students with varying disabilities on our programs in Argentina, Brazil, China, France, Ireland, Korea, Russia, South Africa, Spain, and Thailand.



CIEE Scholarships to 18 U Wisconsin Students

Eighteen University of Wisconsin–Madison students have been awarded CIEE study abroad scholarships. Applied to upcoming summer and fall programs, these awards will cover a combined total of $30,500.

Fifteen of the awardees received CIEE’s Global Access Initiative (GAIN) Scholarship, two have received the Robert B. Bailey Scholarship and one received a John E. Bowman Travel Grant.

Read more about the scholarship winners, here.


Host Institute Students at Bowdoin College

This coming academic year, two University of Naples “L’Orientale” students – and former flatmates to CIEE program participants living in Italy – will be at Bowdoin College.

Flatmates are students of the host university who live with and assist CIEE program participants with both cultural and academic issues while heping facilitate their social integration.  

Assunta Assia Zizza will be hosted by Bowdoin to do research on her MA thesis. Gaetano Martire will serve as the school’s Italian language teaching fellow.

To Assunta and Gaetano: Auguri, e in bocca al lupo!