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Congratulations to Our First CIEE Best Summer Ever Sweepstakes Winner!

CIEE Study Abroad - Best Summer EverFour more chances remain for students to win $5,000 toward summer study abroad in 2014. 

We’re thrilled to congratulate Heidi N., University of Hawaii at Manoa, the first winner of the CIEE Best Summer Ever Sweepstakes. Heidi is the first of five U.S. college students to win $5,000 toward the CIEE 2014 Summer Study Abroad program of her choice. Eligible students can enter here, and we’ll announce a winner every week through March 3.

CIEE offers over 70 top-quality immersive summer abroad programs in more than 30 countries worldwide, giving students more choice than anyone else. Click here for full sweepstakes details, and check this blog to see the next winner.


CIEE Kicks Off Best Summer Ever Sweepstakes

Ciee_study_abroad_summerFive students will win $5,000 toward summer study abroad in 2014. 

As part of our commitment to help students broaden their horizons with study abroad, the Best Summer Ever Sweepstakes will award five students $5,000 toward the 2014 CIEE Summer Study Abroad program of their choice. Winners will be announced weekly through March 3.

The Best Summer Sweepstakes is open to students who are currently enrolled in U.S. universities and colleges. Students can find complete terms and conditions and enter here.

CIEE offers over 70 top-quality immersive summer abroad programs in more than 30 countries worldwide, giving students more choice than anyone else. Summer programs range from four to 12 weeks, making it easy for students to find the ideal program that fits their needs and schedule.


Spring Newsletters 2013

The latest updates from our programs around the globe! Click on the program name to read their Spring Newsletter:

Alcalá de Henares, Spain


Amman, Arabic Language


Amman, Diplomacy + Policy Studies

Amman_jordan_dancing dabkha

Amman, Language + Culture 


Barcelona, Language & Culture


Barcelona, Architecture & Design


Barcelona, Economics & Culture


Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos aires.argentina

Gaborone, Botswana


Lisbon, Portugal


Naples, Italy


 Santiago, Dominican Republic


 Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Santo domingo_DR

Seville, Advanced Liberal Arts


Seville, Communications, New Media+Journalism

Mas+menos facebook

St. Petersburg, Russia


Stay tuned for more newsletters from all of our programs!




Fall 2012 Newsletters


Cnmj midterm
Communications, New Media + Journalism students on assignment in the field

Real students, real stories. From Budapest to Buenos Aires, Seville to Stellenbosch take a look inside our study abroad programs through their fall newsletters. Click on the hyperlinks below the programs to download the pdfs.


Amsterdam - Business + Culture

Download Amsterdam BC Mid-Term Newsletter 2012

Amsterdam - Social Sciences

Download Amsterdam SS Mid-Term Newsletter 2012


Download Belfast Mid-Term Newsletter 2012

Berlin - Language + Culture

Download Berlin L&C Mid-Term Newsletter 2012


Download Budapest Mid-Term Newsletter 2012

Download Budapest Newsletter ii 2012

Buenos Aires - Liberal Arts

Download Buenos Aires LA Mid-Term Newsletter 2012


Download Ferrara Mid-Term Newsletter 2012


Download Groningen Mid-Term Newsletter 2012


Download Lima Mid-Term Newsletter 2012


Download Nanjing Mid-Term Newsletter 2012

Naples - Classical Studies

Download Naples CS Mid-Term Newsletter 2012

Naples - Liberal Arts

Download Naples LA Mid-Term Newsletter 2012


Download Palma Mid-Term Newsletter 2012

Paris - Critical Studies

Download Paris Critical Studies Mid-Term Newsletter 2012

Prague - Film Studies

Download Prague FS Mid-Term Newsletter 2012


Download Rennes Mid-Term Newsletter 2012

Santiago - Liberal Arts

Download Santiago Liberal Arts Mid-Term Newsletter 2012

Santiago - Service Learning

Download Santiago SL Mid-Term Newsletter 2012

Santo Domingo - Liberal Arts

Download Santo Domingo LA Fall Newsletter 2012


Download Seoul Mid-Term Newsletter 2012

Seville - Communications, New Media + Journalism

Download CNMJ Mid-Term Newsletter 2012

St. Petersburg

Download St Petersburg Fall Newsletter 2012


Download Stellenbosch Mid-Term Newsletter 2012


Download Uppsala Mid-Term Newsletter 2012


Stellenbosch Fall Newsletter

Stellenbosch photo
Into the Wild...

Film festivals, waterfall hikes, a visit to Kogelberg Nature Reserve - click below to download "News from the Boland," and see what's been happening in Stellenbosch over this past semester!

Download Stellenbosch Newsletter


One Month in Cape Town

Nelson mandela day

July was a busy month for Cape Town’s newly arrived fall semester students!

From a welcome dinner at a Stellenbosch wine estate, to a rugby outing at Newlands Stadium, and a day of community service in honor of Nelson Mandela, catch up on some of the highlights from the past few weeks in this newsletter (below).

Download CIEE Scene August 2012


DPS, Amman Spring 2012 Newsletter

Prince hassan

In their spring newsletter, students of the Diplomacy and Policy Studies program in Amman, Jordan reflect upon the events of this past semester, including: a visit to a Palestinian refugee camp, a tour of the National Gallery of Fine Arts, and a private conversation with H.M.H. Prince Hassan, at his palace!

Read the newsletter, here:

Download DPS newsletter


CIEE Scholarships to 18 U Wisconsin Students

Eighteen University of Wisconsin–Madison students have been awarded CIEE study abroad scholarships. Applied to upcoming summer and fall programs, these awards will cover a combined total of $30,500.

Fifteen of the awardees received CIEE’s Global Access Initiative (GAIN) Scholarship, two have received the Robert B. Bailey Scholarship and one received a John E. Bowman Travel Grant.

Read more about the scholarship winners, here.


Tanzania Safari Weekend

Elise Barry taking in the morning view on day 1


It was a twelve hour journey from Dar to the village.  The weather was cold and rainy and we did a lot of extreme driving / trekking in the mud... and they were all put the work.  The girls loved it.

On our first morning we went to the CTC Clinic (care and treatment center) to help out.  We received over 100 patients (all HIV positive) and the girls were split into teams to take on different tasks (and eventually rotate to try out each job).  We did patient registration/recording weight, recorded which medicine patients were receiving (for stocking purposes), and we took on a huge re-filing project to get things a bit more organized.

While we were at the clinic, we broke off into small groups and got tours of the facilities (a lot of which is under construction) and heard about future plans. 

 We finished up at the clinic around lunchtime and split into two groups to go on home visits.  My group visited six homes in a neighboring visit. Everyone we visited is HIV positive - and the point of the visit was to check on the general well being of the individuals and their families.   Students were encouraged to ask questions, which they did.  The home visits were very powerful for a number of reasons. Some of the individuals were visibly in a state of deterioration, as were their homes.  The girls were shocked at their living conditions - especially since TB is a common theme amongst HIV patients and every house we visited had a smoking fire pit. As I said, the weather was cold and rainy and most of the people we visited lived in homes that had gaping holes in the roof, or incomplete walls ... mud floors to sleep on and in some cases, no blankets. 

 These visits took up the rest of our afternoon on the first day.

 On the second day, we went to meet Jenny at the clinic where she was engaged in a Milk Powder distribution program for mothers living with HIV.  (it is recommended that HIV+ mothers stop breastfeeding at 6months and there are no milk cows in the village - so milk powder is the next option). 

We took a tour of the children's village where there are 6 homes that young children live in, we saw the sewing school (a small income generating project for local women). 

From here we split into two groups.  one group stayed with the babies to play with them, and the rest of us went back to the clinic to help with the milk powder distribution.

When we finished here, Jenny and Geoff took us to the next village over where there is a mamas group that does basket making for income generation.  All of the women in the group are HIV+ ....  The girls bought baskets and had the chance to speak with the women who made the baskets to hear their stories.

The girls really got a lot out of the experience and some are planning to go back and volunteer when the program ends in May.  

  2Elise Barry and Sarah Elshafie taking in the morning view

Molly Highman getting a tour of the labor ward (Jenny Peck is explaining the conditions under which most women give birth there)

Molly Highman and Sarah Elshafie listening to labor stories in the birthing room  (women have to bring their own basin to catch the afterbirth, and plastic sheeting to cover the table)

Sarah Elshafie and Molly Highman getting a tour of the future surgical ward (Geoff and Jenny Peck)

Sarah Elshafie and Molly Highman registering incoming patients

Andrielle Miller, Emily Pickens-Jones, Sarah Elshafie, Elise Barry, Molly Highman, and Miranda White saying hi to the babies

Elise Barry taking in the evening view on our last night

 Group shot on the rock




To celebrate 65 years of leadership in international education and exchange, CIEE has joined The University of Maine School of Law and the Justice for Women Lecture Series to sponsor a very special visit to Portland by The Honorable Unity Dow, an international human rights advocate, best-selling novelist, and the first female Judge of Botswana’s High Court.  Ms. Dow will be in Portland, Maine, from March 26th-28th for a series of talks with law students, college students, high schools students, and leaders of commerce and government. 

Unity Dow will share her story of leadership and success in overcoming immense barriers – social, cultural, political, and economic – to achieve greater rights and dignity for women in her home country of Botswana, and other African nations. She is an amazingly accomplished woman who served for a decade as the first female Judge of Botswana’s High Court. Having recently returned to the practice of law, she has been actively addressing challenges of HIV/AIDS, child protection, violence against women, and human rights in Botswana and other nations throughout Africa. Ms. Dow is also an acclaimed author and novelist and has taught and lectured around the world. She co-founded the AIDS Action Trust, is a member of International Women’s Rights Watch, and serves as Executive Committee Chair of the International Commission of Jurists.

CIEE is the leading international education and exchange organization based in Portland, Maine.  Our mission has been: "to help people gain understanding, acquire knowledge, and develop skills for living in a globally interdependent and culturally diverse world." Currently operating in more than 40 countries, CIEE develops and administers programs for the advancement of international education and exchange.