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3 posts from September 2015



CIEE: Council on International Educational Exchange today announced that it has awarded the first CIEE Generation Study Abroad Access Grant to Northshore Technical Community College (NTCC). NTCC, based in Louisiana, will use the $20,000 grant to support an innovative faculty-led study abroad program in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. The grant will open doors for NTCC students who have never traveled abroad before or who don’t have the resources to study abroad to participate in an international experience.

Over the semester, NTCC and CIEE’s Faculty-Led and Custom Programs team will work together to create the Northshore Technical Community College Global Maritime Abroad Collaboration (GMAC) program for freshmen and sophomores pursuing degrees in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), including industrial maintenance technology, drafting and design, industrial electrician, and welding. The program will focus on providing workforce training and industry credentials that are relevant to NTCC students’ future employment, while also offering intercultural skills training that will help prepare them to enter the global economy following graduation.

“The Global Maritime Abroad Collaboration program is inspired by a progressive and transformative maritime collaboration between our college, our public school system, our regional university, and our maritime advisory consortium. The foundation of this proposal, by design, is centered on advancing global educational pathways that promote mentoring, service-learning, internship, and project-based experiments,” said William Wainwright, Ph.D., chancellor of Northshore Technical Community College. “Through this groundbreaking opportunity with CIEE, meaningful student engagement will lead to earned college credit through a scalable program that will impact our college, our community and technical college system, and our global economy.”

NTCC Provost and Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs Daniel Roberts, Ph.D., who authored the Global Maritime Abroad Collaboration program proposal, added, “We are very thankful for CIEE and their commitment to funding a customized, faculty-led study abroad program centered on students in workforce pathways. Our students now have the opportunity to experience the global economy firsthand while obtaining their degrees.”

CIEE received nearly 50 proposals from schools across the United States for its inaugural grant. CIEE created the Generation Study Abroad Access Grant to recognize innovative programs that increase access to study abroad, particularly in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and math. The grant program is part of CIEE’s commitment to Generation Study Abroad™, a national challenge initiated by the Institute of International Education to double the number of students studying abroad to 600,000 by the year 2020.

“CIEE is excited to award the first-ever Generation Study Abroad Access Grant to the Northshore Technical Community College. Their program truly supports our goal to recognize innovative programs that increase access to study abroad on every level,” said Kellie Sullivan, director of Faculty-Led and Custom Programs at CIEE. “We know there are many barriers to study abroad, chief among them cost. In addition, community colleges have been traditionally underrepresented in study abroad. By offering Northshore Technical Community College students access to a valuable international educational experience, we’re helping empower a new generation of community college students to engage with diverse cultures, which will ultimately help them to become more effective leaders in today’s globalized world.”

For more information about CIEE’s commitment to Generation Study Abroad, visit:




CIEE: Council on International Educational Exchange today announced Maritheresa Frain, Ph.D., as its new executive vice president of study abroad.

 Frain brings more than 20 years of experience in international education to her new position, including more than 15 years with CIEE. As executive vice president of study abroad, Frain will lead CIEE’s most comprehensive line of business, which includes 61 study centers in 43 countries around the world.


Maritheresa Frain - CIEE Executive VP Study Abroad


Frain will be responsible for all aspects of CIEE’s global network of study centers and academic programs, and support of 350 Academic Consortium member schools. 

 Since November 2013, Frain has held the position of vice president of academic affairs, overseeing the academic quality for all of CIEE’s international study abroad programs in 63 cities, research projects in language acquisition and intercultural skill development, and CIEE’s Center for Teaching and Learning. During this time, she has led the newly formed Academic Affairs team to develop Global Learning Objectives that define what students gain by studying abroad with CIEE; designed pre- and post-study abroad testing based on ACTFL standards to analyze student experiences; developed an intercultural communication and leadership class that teaches students how to engage effectively in different cultures; and has worked closely with CIEE’s Academic Consortium Board to build a portfolio of study abroad programs that meet the needs of CIEE member institutions and their students, including by developing a robust offering of new short-term options.

 “Maritheresa is an incredibly talented leader who will bring to CIEE’s consortium of colleges and universities the rare combination of two decades of international program operating experience, a deep knowledge of the academy,  and significant international experience in teaching and research,” stated James P. Pellow, Ed.D., president and chief executive officer of CIEE.

 Previously, Frain served as center director of the CIEE Study Center in Seville, Spain, where she led a team of 23 study abroad professionals and introduced multiple study, international service, and research programs. She developed a portfolio of more than 500 homestay families, and established international gap year, teach abroad, and high school abroad programs. Prior to joining CIEE, she served as consular agent for the U.S. Department of State in Seville, worked for the International Monetary Fund in Washington D.C., and was a visiting professor at Georgetown University. She holds a doctorate and master’s degree in government and international relations from Georgetown University, and a bachelor’s degree in foreign service and international politics from Penn State University.








Today CIEE: Council on International Educational Exchange welcomed 111 students from more than 80 U.S. colleges and universities to its new Global Institute in Berlin, Germany.

GIBerlin Building Outside
A 100-year-old former manufacturing factory was converted into CIEE's modern, international Global Institute in Berlin.

With an affordable tuition, a flexible Open Campus curriculum that meets the requirements of most U.S. colleges and universities, and 38 classes taught in English, CIEE’s Global Institute in Berlin makes study abroad more accessible than ever before. The launch comes as the United States continues to lag behind other nations in international academic exchange. According to Open Doors data, 886,000 foreign students came to the United States to study in 2012-2013, three times the 289,000 U.S. students studying abroad during the same time period.

“CIEE’s Global Institute academic model is designed to overcome the primary barriers that prevent too many American students from studying abroad – cost, curriculum, and culture – as it’s financially affordable, academically flexible, and provides students from all backgrounds a supportive learning community,” said James P. Pellow, Ed.D, president and chief executive officer of CIEE. “Berlin is known as the city of reinvention, so it’s the perfect location to introduce flexible, high-quality academic programs that will open doors for students from all socio-economic backgrounds and countless academic majors.”

GIBerlin Gate
The new Global Institute - Berlin is located at 27 Gneisenaustrasse in Kreuzberg, one of Berlin's most diverse neighborhoods.

Students enrolled in the inaugural semester have selected a diverse array of subjects to study that reflect the unique experiences one can have while living in Germany. Nearly one-third are studying German language, literature, and culture. More than one-quarter are taking advantage of studying in Europe’s critical global economy by enrolling in business classes. Still others are pursuing courses in communications, health sciences, and international relations. “The Open Campus program at the Global Institute – Berlin provides students with an unmatched opportunity to intensively study their favorite topics, while also engaging with German society and culture. Instructors work to make each classroom a dynamic learning environment, integrating course content with the full range of study tours, excursions, and cultural activities offered throughout the program,” said John Roper, Ph.D., academic coordinator and core faculty at the Global Institute – Berlin.

Academic credit will transfer to more than 80 different American schools including Arizona State University, Colorado College, Elon University, Gettysburg College, Howard University, Indiana University, Trinity College, University of Kentucky, University of Kansas, and Villanova University.

At the Global Institute, students live and learn in Kreuzberg, one of Berlin’s most culturally diverse and authentic neighborhoods, in an architecturally dynamic facility. CIEE partnered with the renowned New York City design and development group Macro Sea, who identified a former manufacturing factory to convert into CIEE’s first Global Institute. The complex was selected from a pool of 50 different options because of the neighborhood’s rich history in culture, art, and politics. The 100-year-old, five-story factory building was transformed into a modern, international campus with U.S.-style residences, administrative offices, faculty apartments, and a centerpiece courtyard that encourages community building. In fact, the Global Institute will house multiple programs that welcome local Berliners to intermingle with U.S. students.

GIBerlin Dorms
The Global Institute features U.S.-style residences for American and international students.

“There is a German colloquialism ‘aus der Reihe tanzen,' which literally translates to ‘dance outside the lines.’ There could be no more apt description for this Global Institute concept as we engage new generations of American students who may have dreamed about studying abroad but didn’t know how they could make it a reality,” said Maritheresa Frain, Ph.D., vice president of academic affairs and interim executive vice president, Study Abroad.

Applications for the spring 2016 semester are available online now through November 1. The Global Institute – Berlin is the first of many and will be linked to other CIEE Global Institutes in London and Rome (2016).