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1 posts from June 2014


New Three-Day Excursions Give Students Another View of the World

Last weekend, nearly 400 students enhanced their summer studies abroad by traveling from 15 locations to one of seven international cities for three days of guided exploration. New this summer, CIEE’s Intercultural Comparative Experience Weekends allow students on short-term programs to compare multiple cultures and make connections that lead to meaningful insights.


Whether a student went from Prague to Berlin or Amman to Istanbul, these amazing three-day weekends provided a new intercultural lens through a range of components: an art and architecture tour; music, dance or theater; community service tied to relevant social issues; and specially designed curriculum to help students tie together their experiences. In Barcelona, for example, students explored Park Güell, a garden complex designed by Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi, and enjoyed tapas and a Flamenco performance. After a look at events that have shaped Catalan identity, students then examined the Catalan perspective on some current issues, including boundary disputes, nationality, and the economy. Finally, they met with supporters of the pro-Catalonia independence movement and participated in folk traditions.


Visit Facebook  to see more photos from our first worldwide Intercultural Comparative Experience Weekends.