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Global Architecture and Design programs off to a great start!

The CIEE Global Architecture and Design programs are off to a great start for the Spring 2014 semester. These programs are designed specifically to meet the academic requirements of advanced architecture and design students and offers them the chance to further their major studies in one of the world’s global centers for design innovation and excellence.

Don’t just take our word for it though. Below are photos and comments from the Prague students themselves. To learn more about these programs, click here


“I cannot believe I am learning Czech. It is very exciting. It gives me a totally new perspective.

The first two and a half weeks of the Global Architecture and Design program have been great. Our flat buddies, Jana and Sasha, have been very helpful in learning the language, navigating the city and assisting in simple tasks like grocery shopping and buying cell phones. The highlight for me so far has been our Czech language course; Luděk has been an awesome teacher, and I have made huge improvements in my faculty with the Czech language since I arrived.  By practicing Czech with CIEE staff and other non-English speakers, showing short videos, and holding class in environments other than the classroom, Luděk has been able to take away my anxiety of speaking Czech in public with strangers.

I am excited to begin the next phase of our program, and to start working with Adam and the rest of the ARCHIP staff.  Prague has been beautiful and exciting, and thanks to the work of Petra and Jana and our flat buddies (and the rest of the CIEE staff), I feel like everything has been thoroughly organized and planned, which allows me and my classmates to focus on learning new skills and perspectives while doing some high-quality architectural research.

Thanks for everything, CIEE, and I look forward to the rest of the program.”

Eric – Tulane University
Global Architecture and Design; Prague, Czech Republic, Spring 2014


“These first few weeks of the program have been incredible. Our apartment is beautiful and in an excellent location, allowing us easy access to the whole city. Luděk, our Czech language professor, is invested in us and our program and we have all enjoyed diving into the culture and breaking out of our "American bubble." The schedule allows us to explore the city at our own pace and gives us the opportunity to get to know our surroundings while learning the language. Our Czech flat buddies have also helped us immensely and we have already created great memories and bonds with them. Thus far, my favorite events were the dinners planned for our program. It was amazing to meet our professors and interact with them in a casual setting before beginning our classes. It immediately created bonds and fostered a community unlike the mentor-ship that is traditional at my home University. I am excited to work closely with my peers and professors to challenge myself and my work. Each day has been an adventure!

Though I am eager to begin classes at ARCHIP, I am extremely grateful for these first few weeks of the Czech course. It has served as a critical transition period that I think I would have struggled without. I now feel comfortable in my surroundings and with my peers, and am looking forward to the well thought out and exciting trips in our near future!”

Elisabeth – University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Global Architecture and Design; Prague, Czech Republic, Spring 2014


“It has been almost three weeks now since I arrived in the Czech Republic and I have to say, my time here so far has been incredible. From the moment I stepped through the arrival gate at Vaclav Havel Airport and saw the bright orange T-shirts of CIEE, I have been met with kindness, efficiency and a sense of endless possibilities. Everything from my housing option to understanding how to get from one side of the river to the other has been impeccably smooth.

Despite being very excited for the upcoming work I will be doing under the tutelage of Adam Vukamanov and his team at ARCHIP, the highlight so far has been the language course with Luděk Broucek. It has been an intensive two and a half week-long Czech Language course, but I wouldn't have had it any other way. I believe we were privileged to have such a small group because not only was our course more focused, but I believe it created a special bond between everyone despite the short period of time. In fact, I hope to continue taking this course, albeit in a more limited fashion, so as not to lose the potential of truly understanding and knowing the language. It’s going to play a pivotal role in the life I will be living here in Prague, so I hope to make the most of it.

As for the week to come: I may only be speaking for myself, but I think all of us in the study abroad group were blown away and excited by the potential shown to us during our academic meeting at ARCHIP. I have very limited experience in speculative and computational work so I am very excited to not only learn from Adam but grow alongside my peers so as to return to my home school a changed student. I believe this program has the potential to do that. ARCHIP is a wonderfully different facility than my home school and I am excited for the change of pace. Everything is laid out, the work is set, and the only thing missing is the start buzzer. I can't wait.

With the leadership of Jana, Petra, Luděk and their entire CIEE team my experience until this point has been everything I could have asked for.”

Marcos – Carnegie Mellon University
Global Architecture and Design; Prague, Czech Republic, Spring 2014


“My experience with Global Architecture and Design (GAD) has been great so far. The amount of time that everyone has spent preparing for the program is quite apparent. Every faculty member I have met seems very committed to the success of the program. Everyone at ARCHIP has been extremely welcoming. We were invited to their semester review and got to witness some of the work of current students at ARCHIP. 

Members of the CIEE administration have always been there to offer help if it was ever needed. Our "flat buddies" have gone above and beyond to assist us in this urban environment which is new to all of us in the GAD program. 

Our Intensive Czech Language course has been very effective because of the amount of effort our instructor, Luděk, has put into constructing a two week course consisting of pertinent subject matter that will allow us to continue to learn and structure a better understanding of the language even after our time with him is over. The combination of classroom exercises and outdoor excursions was essential to the success of the language course. Luděk's thoughtful balance of these two activities was greatly appreciated.”

Ryan – Tulane University
Global Architecture and Design; Prague, Czech Republic, Spring 2014


The class has been engaging and crucial in helping us navigate and explore Prague and the Czech culture. Our professor (Luděk B.) answers all our questions to the best of his knowledge and then some. I believe this will be significant to the bigger picture of our stay in Prague. A part of architecture that I love so much is the fact that spaces share a culture and the people's spirit. Instilling this basic knowledge about the language, customs, and habits will help us breathe life into the projects we will soon be creating this semester.

The smaller sized language class has been an integral part to our group’s success because it offers more chances to participate. I am glad to be part of this program and am excited for what the next couple of months will bring, especially the opportunities for collaboration. Our different backgrounds will add to the life changing experience that is happening now, which began when we set foot in Prague two weeks ago.

I am grateful for the opportunity the Global Architecture and Design Program has given me and I want to share it with the world. Learn. Share. Create.”

Jennifer – Portland State University
Global Architecture and Design; Prague, Czech Republic, Spring 2014


Additional photos from the Barcelona and Berlin Global Architecture and Design programs:

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