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2 posts from December 2013


Study Abroad Management Updates

New Vice President of Academic Affairs
We’re pleased to announce that Maritheresa Frain, center director in Seville, Spain, since 2000, has taken on the role of CIEE’s new vice president of academic affairs.

Maritheresa brings strong leadership skills, deep knowledge of both international and higher education and of CIEE, and impressive academic credentials to this role. During her time as center director, she strengthened the academic quality of existing CIEE programs while developing new summer and semester programs; led the renovation of a 300-year-old “palacio” to house a new state-of-the-art study center; and built a team of resident staff who deliver the highest-quality international experience to more than 800 students each and every year.

Maritheresa’s dedication to study abroad doesn’t end at CIEE. She often presents at international education conferences, such as NAFSA and Forum, on numerous topics, spreading her knowledge and passion to others.

Originally from Philadelphia, Maritheresa completed her undergraduate work in international politics at the Pennsylvania State University, and earned her master’s degree and doctorate in international relations at Georgetown University. In addition to Seville, she has lived and worked in Greece, Russia, Switzerland, and Portugal. Maritheresa previously worked for the International Monetary Fund in Washington D.C., and was a visiting professor at Georgetown.

Drawing on her passion and experience, Maritheresa will be a dynamic, hands-on, and integral member of CIEE’s Study Abroad leadership team. She will work closely with the program management and development groups, resident staff, and the Academic Consortium Board to have an impact on both CIEE programs and the field at large. In the first year, she’ll work on critical projects focused on CIEE’s approach to intercultural learning and language acquisition, and our commitment to faculty engagement. Maritheresa will also ensure the academic quality of our entire portfolio of study abroad programs.

Resident Director Changes
CIEE congratulates the following resident staff on their new roles at our study centers in Ferrara, Italy, and Madrid and Seville, Spain:

Ferrara, Italy
At the end of the fall 2013 semester, Richard Chapman will step down as  resident director at the CIEE Study Center in Ferrara. Laura Orsi, Ph.D., will assume this role beginning in spring 2014. Laura brings a strong interdisciplinary, international, and cross-cultural background to this role. She holds a doctorate from The Warburg Institute, University of London, has taught Italian, literature, and other aspects of Italian culture to a wide range of student levels and nationalities, and has led a variety of study trips across Italy.  

Madrid, Spain
Beginning in spring 2014, Eero Jesurun, Ph.D., will become center director of the CIEE Study Center in Madrid. He will continue serving as resident director for the Business, Economics, and Culture and Engineering and Society programs, and will oversee the Legal Studies program. Francisco Frisuelos, Ph.D., will continue to report to Eero as the resident director for the Liberal Arts program.

Seville, Spain
Replacing Maritheresa Frain as center director in Seville is Jaime Ramirez, former resident director for the Business and Society program for nearly 10 years. Jaime holds an MBA and is currently pursuing doctoral studies in human resources. He is also part of a research group at the University of Seville that focuses on intercultural negotiation, gender issues in human resources management, and healthy organizations.

 Virgina Neira will now lead the Business and Society program beginning in spring 2014. Virginia previously served as program assistant for the Business and Society program alongside Jaime. Virginia will also continue to lead the Summer Internship program.



CIEE Hosts Record Number at Annual Conference

CIEE hosted a record 596 study abroad professionals, higher education faculty and administrators, and experts in the field at its 2013 Annual Conference, November 20-23 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

 During four days of interactive sessions, presentations, and networking events, attendees focused on the theme Align. Innovate. Educate. Using their own experience and the expertise of session presenters, attendees explored how international education providers, like CIEE, and institutions of higher education can work together to create innovative new types of study abroad programming that meet all students’ needs. Additional topics included breaking down the barriers—cost, curriculum, and culture—to studying abroad; ensuring quality across all international experiences; and bringing internationalization to all aspects of student life, both in and out of the classroom.

 Highlights included a screening of the film Girl Rising, which tells the stories of nine girls in developing countries who overcame tremendous hardships to pursue an education. The film was introduced by Girl Rising Director of Partnerships Justin Reeves. Photographer and filmmaker Phil Borges spoke about the use of storytelling to effect social change, exemplified in his own work in developing regions. Ann Bancroft, another keynote speaker, shared her fascinating life story, from growing up in the Minnesota to her record-breaking expeditions to her work as educator and philanthropist.

 During the 2013 Annual Conference, CIEE also hosted its inaugural Diversity Abroad Future Leaders Summit. During this full-day workshop, 20 campus leaders and change agents in international education developed new ways to attract diverse and underrepresented student populations to study abroad.

 Widely considered the leading conference on international education, the CIEE Annual Conference has brought together industry leaders and professionals to discuss challenges and effect change in the field of international education for more than 35 years.

 “The CIEE conference is known for offering an intimate, rich environment for professional development and innovation,” said CIEE Senior Vice President of Marketing, Communications, and Strategy Brenda Majeski. “It’s this environment that enables us to consistently attract experts in the field as both attendees and session presenters. This year, the CIEE Annual Conference attracted more of these experts than ever before, which will ultimately lead to the creation of important new solutions to challenges that exist in international education.”

The 2014 CIEE Annual Conference—titled Breaking Barriers: Cost. Culture. Curriculum—will take place in Baltimore, Maryland, November 19-22.

 Steve Amendo
Director, Marketing and Communications