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CIEE Creates Innovative Global Architecture and Design Program

Beginning in spring 2014, architecture and design students will now have access to an innovative study abroad program focused on exploring the intersection of innovation, technology, and thought to develop the tools needed to help cities of today become self-sufficient “future cities”!

The new CIEE Global Architecture and Design program will be offered to advanced architecture and design students as a semester program at CIEE Study Centers in Barcelona, Spain; Berlin, Germany; and Prague, Czech Republic. A four-week version of the program will be offered at our newly established CIEE Study Center in New York City in summer 2014. 

To shape a program that offers access to the latest theories, practices, and technology, we engaged the expertise of New York-based architect Maria Aiolova, LEED AP, one of today’s leading innovators and thinkers in the field. An award-winning educator, architect, and urban designer, Aiolova is co-founder of Terreform ONE and chair of the ONE Lab New York School for Design and Science, the leader in research and education into the intersection of design and technology. 

Over the past year, Aiolova has worked with faculty, chairs, and deans, as well as the CIEE Academic Consortium Board, to develop the Global Architecture and Design program to meet the highest expectations of accrediting organizations. The program will provide architecture and design students with the opportunity to study with faculty who are leading experts in the field; complete hands-on design projects with the potential to positively impact future generations; and work in state-of-the-art studio space located in architecture and design hubs around the world. Aiolova has officially joined CIEE as Academic Director for Architecture and Design to oversee implementation of the program worldwide.

Through the Global Architecture and Design program, we’re seeking to generate a new platform for distributed knowledge and collective action. It’s designed around the idea that in the future, cities will grow to be self-sufficient in their critical necessities through massive public works and infrastructural support. With the help of today’s experts and innovators in the fields of architecture, material science, urban design, and civil and environmental engineering, students will study the emerging discipline of global “urbaneering” from an interdisciplinary perspective. As part of a team of CIEE students and students from the host institution, they’ll study and design projects that optimize, conserve, or reuse natural and built resources, provide healthful environments for occupants, and reduce the environmental impacts of the build environment on future generations through means such as carbon neutral design, bioclimatic design, and energy efficiency. 

More information on the CIEE Global Architecture and Design program is available on our website.

Steve Amendo
Director, Marketing and Communications