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4 posts from November 2012


Fall 2012 Newsletters


Cnmj midterm
Communications, New Media + Journalism students on assignment in the field

Real students, real stories. From Budapest to Buenos Aires, Seville to Stellenbosch take a look inside our study abroad programs through their fall newsletters. Click on the hyperlinks below the programs to download the pdfs.


Amsterdam - Business + Culture

Download Amsterdam BC Mid-Term Newsletter 2012

Amsterdam - Social Sciences

Download Amsterdam SS Mid-Term Newsletter 2012


Download Belfast Mid-Term Newsletter 2012

Berlin - Language + Culture

Download Berlin L&C Mid-Term Newsletter 2012


Download Budapest Mid-Term Newsletter 2012

Download Budapest Newsletter ii 2012

Buenos Aires - Liberal Arts

Download Buenos Aires LA Mid-Term Newsletter 2012


Download Ferrara Mid-Term Newsletter 2012


Download Groningen Mid-Term Newsletter 2012


Download Lima Mid-Term Newsletter 2012


Download Nanjing Mid-Term Newsletter 2012

Naples - Classical Studies

Download Naples CS Mid-Term Newsletter 2012

Naples - Liberal Arts

Download Naples LA Mid-Term Newsletter 2012


Download Palma Mid-Term Newsletter 2012

Paris - Critical Studies

Download Paris Critical Studies Mid-Term Newsletter 2012

Prague - Film Studies

Download Prague FS Mid-Term Newsletter 2012


Download Rennes Mid-Term Newsletter 2012

Santiago - Liberal Arts

Download Santiago Liberal Arts Mid-Term Newsletter 2012

Santiago - Service Learning

Download Santiago SL Mid-Term Newsletter 2012

Santo Domingo - Liberal Arts

Download Santo Domingo LA Fall Newsletter 2012


Download Seoul Mid-Term Newsletter 2012

Seville - Communications, New Media + Journalism

Download CNMJ Mid-Term Newsletter 2012

St. Petersburg

Download St Petersburg Fall Newsletter 2012


Download Stellenbosch Mid-Term Newsletter 2012


Download Uppsala Mid-Term Newsletter 2012


Spring 2013 Application Deadlines - 11/15

Don't forget, the next round of application deadlines for Spring 2013 Study Abroad programs is a week from today. Seize the opportunity of a lifetime and apply now!

The following deadlines will be extended to November 15:

  • Australia, Perth: Arts & Sciences
  • Australia, Perth: Ecology, Conservation & Sustainability
  • Australia, Wollongong: Arts & Sciences
  • Australia, Wollongong: Outdoor Leadership & Environment Education: Theory & Practice
  • Belgium, Brussels: Advanced Liberal Arts
  • China,Nanjing: Intensive Language & Culture
  • China, Shanghai: Business, Language & Culture
  • China, Shanghai: China in a Global Context
  • China, Shanghai: Accelerated Chinese Language
  • Costa Rica, Monteverde: Sustainability & the Environment
  • France, Paris: Contemporary French Studies
  • France, Paris: Critical Studies
  • France, Rennes: Liberal Arts
  • Ghana, Legon: Arts & Sciences
  • Ghana, Legon: Business, Development & Social Entrepreneurship
  • Hungary, Budapest: Central European Studies
  • Ireland, Dublin: Arts & Sciences
  • Ireland, Dublin: Engineering, Technology & Society
  • Israel, Haifa: International Relations, Psychology & Peace and Conflict
  • Italy, Ferrara: Language & Culture
  • Italy, Ferrara: Liberal Arts
  • Kralendijk, Bonaire: Tropical Marine Ecology & Conservation
  • Mexico, Guanajuato: Liberal Arts
  • Mexico, Guanajuato: Spanish Language
  • Netherlands, Amsterdam: Business & Culture
  • Netherlands, Amsterdam: Social Sciences
  • Netherlands, Groningen: Urban Planning & Society
  • Poland, Warsaw: Central European Studies
  • Tanzania, Dar es Salaam: Arts & Sciences

The following deadlines will be extended to November 30:

  • Northern Ireland, Belfast: Society, Conflict & Peace in Northern Ireland

The following deadlines will be extended to December 1:

  • Argentina, Buenos Aires: Liberal Arts
  • Argentina, Buenos Aires: Undergraduate Research – Development & Globalization
  • Italy, Naples: Classical Studies
  • Italy, Naples: Liberal Arts
  • Peru, Lima: Liberal Arts


Santiago Fall 2012 Newsletter


Excursions, rallies, and work retreats are among the 'Monumental Moments' covered in this latest newsletter from the Dominican Republic. 

Download DR Fall Newsletter 2012


CIEE Announces Intensive Language Scholarship to Promote Full-Year Study Abroad

CIEE, the world’s leading nonprofit international educational and exchange program organization, has initiated a scholarship program to encourage full-year intensive language study by today’s top U.S. college and university students. CIEE’s Language Intensive Focus Track Scholarship (LIFT) will provide $100,000 annually to encourage students to study one of five languages—Arabic, Japanese, Mandarin, Portuguese, or Russian—for a year in another country.

CIEE President and CEO James P. Pellow, Ed.D., explains, “The LIFT scholarship program reflects CIEE’s long-standing commitment to intensive foreign language acquisition, particularly in the strategic languages that are so important for today’s students seeking to prepare for 21st century global challenges. Our goal is to enable more students to study language for a full academic year, an important element in deep language acquisition and an option that is becoming more difficult for students to access each year.”

LIFT scholarships will be initially offered to current CIEE students pursuing intensive language development in Arabic, Japanese, Mandarin, Portuguese, and Russian, and will expand to all CIEE language programs beginning in fall 2013. Scholarship awards will be a minimum of $5,000 and will be awarded to exemplary students based on undergraduate GPA and the strength of a personal essay.

CIEE Chief Academic Officer Neal Sobania, Ph.D., indicates that LIFT is part of CIEE’s broader commitment to enhancing language acquisition and intercultural skills. “Extended language study, traditionally seen as a cornerstone of international education, should continue to play a critical role in certain students’ preparation for living and working in an increasingly globalized and interdependent world. Advanced language skills allow students to better embrace local culture and make them more marketable for jobs following graduation.” 

In addition to initiating the LIFT program, Dr. Sobania has launched a pilot program that leverages the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) pre- and post-testing methods to test language pedagogy at CIEE Study Centers in China, Japan, and Russia. Results of the pilot will be used to enhance language instruction at all CIEE Study Centers around the world.