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6 posts from September 2012


High Ranks for Queens University

Queens University in Belfast Northern Ireland has joined the QS World University Rankings as one of best universities in the world to study history.

The university hosts the CIEE course Society, Conflict + Peace in Northern Ireland


Buenos Aires: A Day of Community Service

This August, students participating in fall Liberal Arts program in Buenos Aires, were invited to be part of an emotive celebration of the “día del niño”, with the community of the Community Center of Barrio Mitre. 

Traditionally, Argentina holds a day celebrating children each August, when they receive gifts from their families and celebrate together. This day is not only especial, but also very expected by kids form all ages: they really want to spend and amazing day of games and activities where they are the guests of honor.  

Read the full story, here.




State of Maine Educational Delegation at ECNU

The delegation

As part of the State of Maine Trade Mission to China (Hong Kong and Shanghai, September 8-15), CIEE and MITC arranged for the State of Maine Education Delegation to meet with East China Normal University officials. The meeting was followed by an afternoon site visit to the CIEE Study Center at ECNU by some University of Maine representatives.

You can read a press release from the governor’s office about the delegation’s arrival in Shanghai, and see several photos from their ECNU site visit in this article (in Chinese).



Amsterdam Students and Staff Run For Charity


Amsterdam racers
A message from CIEE Amsterdam staff:

Dear CIEE colleagues,

Sunday the 23rd of September 2012 the very famous Dutch Dam tot Damloop will take place starting in the city centre of Amsterdam and finishing 10 English Miles up North in a town called Zaandam with 50.000 athletes. More than 200.000 spectators will encourage the runners along the run!

 Dam tot Dam Loop: CIEE team 10 tickets

 CIEE Amsterdam got hold of 10 tickets and will run the Dam tot Damloop with eight students, Hannah Huber (Resident Director) and Eric Weijers (Program Assistant) for the special charity run, and donations will go to foundation “Waar Ontwikkeling Werkt” (WOW= Where Opportunities Work).

Foundation Where Opportunities Work

 Renée Spruit, the Student Services Coordinator at CIEE, founded this foundation with five other board members almost 2 years ago to support children around the world that need better chances for development and education. Momentarily WOW supports three projects;

  • Corazon Inquieto (Bolivia): a day care facility for market children in La Paz, Bolivia.
  • Hand in Hand (Ghana): a home for mentally and physically disabled children, where amongst other things they learn how to craft jewelry.
  • Kamalabari (Nepal): a primary school for children that live in a remote area of the country.

Foundation WOW is based on four key pillars: enlarge chances for development, offer structural help, stimulate the local economy and transparency & personal. The six board members committed to WOW on a voluntary base.


Since the students and CIEE staff are running for a charity, we are hoping to collect at much money as possible; every penny is welcome! On Facebook we have created a special page where we will promote the CIEE Dam tot Dam group and where we will also keep track of the donations that we have received:!/WowDamTotDamLoop

Would you like to support this event? Hit the like button on the Facebook page or become a sponsor of the CIEE team by donating money to the banking account of Stichting Waar Ontwikkeling Werkt (with the reference of “CIEE Dam tot Damloop team”). Every time we receive a new donation we will update the Facebook with your donations.   

Bank account no:                             1095.28.115



BIC no:




More information?


Groetjes uit Amsterdam,

CIEE staff: Hannah, Renée, Annabel & Erik


'Sports and Society' Summer 2012 Newsletter

DR dugout
Take a look back at the inaugural semester of semester of ‘Sports and Society: Baseball in Context’ in the Dominican Republic. The six-week summer program examines the impact of sports on the culture, identity, and society of DR, which, per capita, has produced more professional baseball players than any other country.

Download the newsletter and find photos, features on prominent figures in Dominican baseball, and essays exploring the program's themes.

Also, be sure to check out the new program blog and web page to learn more about 'Sport and Society' and apply!


CIEE Study Abroad Fair Dates

CIEE is hitting the road - and coming to a study abroad fair near you! Check the dates below to see when we'll be on your campus.
                Drake University                                    10am-3pm
                College of Charleston                            10am-2pm
                Trinity University                                  10am-2pm
                University of Illinois - Chicago         9am-1.30pm
                Endicott College                                      11am-2pm
                Ohio University
                Univeristy of Iowa                                 11am-3pm
                Wake Forest University                      11am-4pm
                Marymount University                        2pm-4pm
                Keene State College                               11am-2pm
                University of Puget Sound                 11am-2pm
                Fairfield University                               11am-2pm
                Lesley University                                   11.30am-1.30pm
                University of Tulsa                               10am-2pm
                UMass - Dartmouth                                 11am-2.30pm
                Framingham State Univsersity        11.30am-2.30pm  
                RIT                                                               10am-3pm
                Miami University                                   11am-4pm
                Boston College                                        6pm-8pm
                Salve Regina University                     3pm-5pm
                Beloit College                                           TBA
                Southen Methodist University        11am-1.30pm
                Duquesne University                           11am-3pm
                Washington and Lee University      11am-4.30pm
                Northeastern University                    11am-3pm
                Pacific Lutheran University              11am-2pm
                Bentley University                                12pm-2pm
                U Minnesota - Twin Cities                 10am-2.30pm
                University of Rhode Island               11am-3pm
                Tufts University                                     11.30am-2pm
                Colleges of the Fenway                        3.30pm-5.30pm
                University of Hartford                        11am-2pm
                Carnegie Mellon                                     11am-3pm
                Muhlenberg University                       TBA
                University of Arkansas                       10am-2pm
                Brandeis University                              1pm-4pm
                U Cal - Berkeley                                      11am-4pm
                Williams College                                     TBA
                George Washington University        11am-3pm
                Amherst College                                      11.30am-2pm
                U Mass - Amherst                                   4pm-6pm
                The New School                                      5pm-6.30pm
                University of South Dakota                11am-2pm
                University of Nerbraska - Lincoln   11am-2pm 
                American University                             11am-3pm
                University of the Pacific                       TBA
                Smith College                                             11am-3pm
                Mt. Holyoke College                               6pm-8pm
                South Dakota State University          TBA
                St. Mary's College of California         11am-2pm
                Texas Christian University                 TBA
                U Tennessee - Knoxville                       10am-3pm
                Doane College                                            11am-1.30pm
                McDaniel College                                     11am-2pm
                Oberlin College                                         4pm-6.30pm
                Northern Illinois University              10am-3pm
                Middlebury College                                12pm-4pm
                Clemson University                                10am-3pm
              Columbia University                                 TBA
                Yale University                                         12pm-3pm
                College of William and Mary               12pm-3pm
                Providence College                                  6pm-8pm
                Brown University                                     11am-2pm
                Colby College                                              3pm-5.30pm
                Western Michigan University             12pm-4pm
                Pace University - Pleasantville           1.30pm-4.30pm
                Wittenberg University                           10am-1pm
                Pace University                                         11am-2pm 
                Manhattan College                                    4.30pm-7pm
                Hope College                                               4pm-7pm
                University of North Texas                    10am-2pm
                Bates College                                               11am-1pm
                Bowdoin College                                        3pm-5.30pm
                University of Cincinnati                         10am-2pm
                Portland State University                      11am-2pm
                UC - Santa Barbara                                    10am-2pm
                Cedarville University                               2.30pm-7.30om
                UC - Los Angeles                                        11am-3pm
                Pennsylvania State University            11am-4pm
                St. Olaf College                                            4.30pm-6.30pm
                Grand Valley State University            10am-3pm
                Trinity College                                            4pm-7pm
                Clark University                                         1pm-3pm
                Georgia State University                        10am-3pm
                Princeton University                                12.30pm-3.30pm
                Oregon State University                         10am-2pm
                VA Commonwealth University            12pm-5pm
                Santa Clara University                             TBA
                Kenyon College                                            11am-1.15pm
                Bryant University                                       10am-2pm
                University of Washington                       10am-2pm
                Olin College                                                    5pm-7pm 
               Swarthmore College                                   10am-3pm
                Temple University                                      10am-2pm
                Tulane University                                       3pm-5pm
                University of Pennsylvania                    TBA
                Villanova University                                  10am-2pm
                Babson College                                              1pm-4pm
                Haverford College                                       1pm-4pm
                University of Kentucky                            Mini Business Fair
                Sarah Lawrence College                            1pm-3pm
                Whitman College                                          11am-2pm
               Fordham University-Rose Hill               12pm-3pm
                University of Pittsburgh                           11pm-2pm (Health Sciences) 4pm-6pm (Engineering)
                Fordham University-Lincoln Center   11am-2pm 
                Arizona State University                          10am-3pm
                Wofford College                                           11am-1pm
                UNC - Wilmington                                       1oam-2pm
                Northwestern University                          2pm-5pm
                Gustavus Adolphus                                     4pm-6.30pm
                Dickinson College                                        6pm-8pm
                University of Oregon                                  11am-4pm