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CIEE Student Magazine—Más+Menos

We’re excited to announce the latest issue of más+menos—a printed and on-line magazine, which serves as a tool to explore and picture the world while studying abroad with CIEE Seville, Spain. Created by students of the Magazine Reporting and Writing course, which is offered as part of the Communication, New Media and Journalism program at the CIEE Study Center in Seville, mas+menos highlights a different topic each semester. 

Issue 17, Superheros, covers the whole spectrum of them—including the cursed ones. It contains stories about stars that once shined brightly, iconic figures who died young, brave bullfighters who become pathologically shy when removed from the spotlight, women surrounded by personal threats and violence who still manage to make life better for others, individuals who put on a costume to go to their humble jobs or to participate in the worship of a stellar cult, and teachers who sacrifice the comfort of their homes in order to defy a law that they consider unfair.

Eight years into the publication, this is the first issue of más+menos produced inside of the newly created Communication, New Media and Journalism program at the CIEE Study Center in Seville. The magazine, small but constant, has led the way to this new and exciting academic venture. The same spirit that más+menos has always had as an experiential learning project based on immersion is embedded in the overall design of the new study abroad program.

According to Resident Director Oscar Ceballos, “One of the most exciting parts of working with CIEE students on this publication is the possibility to rediscover, semester after semester, the place where I grew up and, once again, live. CIEE students come to Seville with an honest and uncompromised gaze, and—confession be made—I try to take advantage of that.”

To read the latest issue, and past ones, visit This website has incorported new features in order to showcase the different academic activities of the program. The TV section contains projects produced in the New Media and Audiovisual Workshop course. In the BLOG section we'll be reporting about the trips, festivals, events, exhibitions, screenings, etc. in which our students participate. And there will more new sections to come.